Hello! I'm so happy you stopped by. My name is Ally Merkley, and that's me on the right with my big sister. l am an American-born, self-taught artist. Some time ago I took up a personal challenge to draw for at least 30 minutes each day. This challenge turned into a love of painting in gouache and watercolor. I continue to paint almost every day--it's the next best thing to hot buttered toast and jam!

My passion is to turn everyday objects into something more whimsical and charming. My favorite items to paint are anything with a vintage vibe, comfort food, unique shoes and tiny kitchens. I've been rewarded with my work now hanging on the walls of homes around the globe: from California to New York, Germany and Italy, to the United Kingdom, China and beyond.

I live just north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in a drafty, very old, yet charming Victorian building--just a block from the beautiful San Francisco Bay dotted with quaint houseboats. I'm thinking of getting a goldfish.